Comedian Books

A British comedian, drunk on a gallon of wine, takes a one-pound bet to jump, completely naked, into an aquarium filled with sharks and stingrays, causing one to die of stress.

An American man goes on such an astonishing bender he believes his girlfriend’s claim that they got married while under the influence, and only becomes suspicious when she is unable to produce a marriage certificate at any point during the following seven years.

Russian troops get so wasted that it seems a good idea to make a little extra cash by selling off their tank … to Chechen rebels.

Co-authors Noel Boivin and Christopher Lombardo have compiled a collection that serves as a who’s who of the world’s worst-behaved drunks, from the passenger so obnoxiously drunk that a commercial flight diverted to abandon him on an island to the man so furious at being ejected from his local pub that he returns—in a telescopic crane “borrowed” from a construction site.

The true stories in The Man Who Scared a Shark to Death, taken from news reports from around the world, serve as both cautionary tales (don’t agree to “help out” with a stranger’s robbery, even if he seems like a really nice guy) and comforting perspective (at least you’ve never woken up in a trash compactor).

However cringe-worthy your own most embarrassing drunken moment, at least you’re not the man who caught his privates in a mousetrap—twice.