Best Methods to Apply on Blackjack of Gambling Poker

Basically, it is not so hard to find the best strategies in playing Blackjack of gambling poker because now, you use technology to play. It means, you can find all information you need by using the same way, internet. You can use them all or choose the best that you can and here are the ways:

  • Double down the hard 11
    Another foolproof way to win Blackjack is you need to double down not soft 11 but hard 11. If you talk about one of the best starting hands in Blackjack, it has to be hard 11. It means, you can get the best chance to win right from the start compared to several hands and 11 can be different on the cards such as 6/5, 7/4, 8/3 or even 9/2. Meanwhile, doubling down is literally double the initial bet when you have one of those winning combinations to be dealt. You can’t bust on 11 and you can get the best chance to earn other cards such as 7, 8, 9 or even face cards. It will give you the best shot to win the game with maximum profit in just one hand.