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December 26, 2008 | Music

"Gin lane"

As we noted in our Top 10 Bar Songs of All Time, many musicians have adopted the ‘write what you know’ credo, and given that they spend a considerable part of their waking hours in taverns (this isn’t nearly as much as it might seem as they sleep in until well into the afternoon), they looked around, put pen to paper and gave us the decomposed remnants of organic matter from which our Top 10 List could grow.

If you’ve taken this ‘write what you know’ phrase to heart (even though it’s more worn than a yogic flier’s drawers), and find you’re still staring at a blank screen, you may in fact, not know anything. Luckily, there are plenty of people who can write what they know and who are more than capable of picking up your slack, you lazy, untalented hack.

Some of these people, though not nearly as many as those who’ve found inspiration at the bottom of a beer/wine/whiskey glass, have chosen Mother’s Ruin, or gin, as their muse.

Why is that, you ask? Well, gin, simply put, has a lousy reputation and the phrase ‘bathtub gin’ likely came about it’s the first thing that would spring to mind if you had to clean a ring around yours. The juniper berry spirit has its origins in 17th century Holland, where it was believed to alleviate gout and its popularity, not surprisingly, spread quickly, as abandoning a diet rich in fat and booze was beyond comprehension, especially when the antidote could be guzzled cheaply and plentifully from the comfort of one’s armchair."types of gin"

The potable soon spread to England, and from there, to mask the flavor of quinine so that English soldiers could spear colonials, unfettered by malarial concerns, while domestically, like reality television or the internet these days, it was blamed for every prevailing social ill. [Editor’s note, a strong case can be made for blaming every prevailing social ill these days, on the internet, please see our Top 10 Drinking and Driving Songs of All Time and Battling the Red Menace: Happy Kick a Ginger Day]

On these shores, and we’d like to think everywhere else, gin forms the basis of the only martini a man should be seen drinking (if you have one with cranberry juice or chocolate, you might consider arranging a fitting for a dress) and as a result, has seen its reputation improve, though you’d never really know it from some of the songs we’ve compiled here. So here, because to the best of our knowledge, it hasn’t been done (and if it has, carpal tunnel has prevented successfully Googling it) is our Top 10 Songs about Gin.

10. Gin & Milk Dirty Pretty Things

Choice Gin Lyrics: I’m in to myself, On uncertain terms, I put gin in my milk, To kill all the germs






"Muddy Waters"

9. Baddest of the Bad Reverend Horton Heat

I’m Ready as performed by Muddy Waters (tie)
Choice Gin Lyrics: RHH: Young girls and gin may be the cure

Muddy: Well I been drinkin’ gin like never before, I’m feelin’ so good… honey that’s for sure, One more drink… honey I wish you would, Take a whole lotta lovin’ to make me feel good

8. The Night I Stole Old Sammy Morgan’s Gin, Hank Snow

Choice Gin Lyrics:

Listen folks and I will tell a funny story
You may think it sad but I was in my glory
Twas a cellar I crept in cobwebs brushing by my chin
On the night I stole old Sammy Morgan’s gin.


7. Love is Like a Bottle of Gin   Magnetic Fields / Gin Soaked Boy Divine Comedy (tie)

Choice Gin Lyrics:

Love is like a bottle of gin
but a bottle of gin is not like love

Choice Gin Lyrics:

I’m the ruby in the dust
I’m the trust in the mistrust
I’m the Trojan horse in troy
I’m the gin in the gin-soaked boy


6. Gin & Juice Snoop Dogg

Choice Gin Lyrics:

Rollin down the street, smokin’ Indo, sippin’ on gin and juice
Laid back (with my mind on my money and my money on my mind)


5. Cold Gin Kiss

Choice gin Lyrics:

I need some fuel to build a fire
The girl next door, her lights are out, yeah
The landlords gone, I’m down and out
Ooh, its cold gin time again


4. Gin House Blues by Fletcher Henderson, as performed by Nina Simone / Me and My Gin as performed by Bessie Smith

Choice Gin Lyrics:

Stay away from me cos I’m in my sin Stay away from me everybody cos I’m in my sin, If this joint is raided somebody give my gin

Choice Gin Lyrics:

Stay away from me ’cause I’m in my sin.
Stay away from me ’cause I’m in my sin.
If this place gets raided, it’s just me and my gin.


3. Gin Soaked Boy Tom Waits

Choice Gin Lyrics:

And I’m gonna get tough
you been lying to me
How could you crawl so low
with some gin-soaked boy?

2. That Woman Got Me Drinkin’ Shane McGowan and the Popes

Choice Gin Lyrics:

That woman’s got me drinking, look at the state I’m in/Give me 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 bottles of gin”





1. Misery and Gin Merle Haggard

Choice Gin Lyrics:

But here I am again, mixin’ misery and gin.
Sittin’ with all my friends and talkin’ to myself.
I look like I’m havin’ a good time but any fool can tell,
That this Honky Tonk Heaven really makes ya’ feel like hell.

 Almost Made the Cut

Somebody Put Something In My Drink  The Ramones
Tanqueray and tonic’s my favorite drink/I don’t like anything colored pink

Supersonic  Oasis
I need to be myself, I can’t be no one else, I’m feeling supersonic, Give me gin and tonic,You can have it all but how much do you want it?

It’s Like That  Handsome Boy Modelling School
‘Cause I can flow like Donovan bro sound supersonic
Pouring gin and tonic with some chronic to blow

I Believe in You  Frank Loesser (as performed by Frank Sinatra)
I take heart to see the cool clear eyes of a seeker of wisdom and truth,
Yet there’s that slam, bang, tang, reminiscent of gin and Vermouth

Tangueray  Johnnie Johnson

Hey bartender, there’s one thing I gotta say.
Hey bartender, it’s tryin’ to rain on my parade.
Gonna have another drink, another drink of Tangueray.

Gin Bottle Blues  Lightnin’ Hopkins
I done thrown away that old gin bottle. Please don’t offer me your wine.

Gin & Tonic Blues Reverend Horton Heat

Give me a gin & tonic!

Dishonorable Mentions:

One Mo Gin, Chris Brown (the Ike Turner of our time, minus the talent)

[Please See our Suggested Chris Brown Rihanna Duet Songs]

Bathtub Gin, Phish (Frank Zappa-lite)

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  1. You fail to mention “Gin Gizzlin’ Frenzy” by Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper.

  2. “Gin and Money” ain’t bad either.

  3. What is “best”? Readers may also enjoy:
    We used to vacation – Cold War Kids
    Western eyes – Portishead
    I’m ready – Willy Dixon Muddy Waters
    Oh Gin – Velvet Underground
    Go on then – The old canes
    Portland – Loretta Lyn
    Music when the lights go out – The libertines
    Lets go get stoned – Ray Charles
    Sylvia Plath – Ryan Adams
    Why Theory? – Gang of four
    Gin Bottle Blues – Lightnin’ Hopkins
    What’s the use of getting sober (when you’re gonna get drunk again – Louis Jordan
    Roots of creation – sublime
    Ball and chain – social distortion
    The India song – Big Star
    Susannah’s Still Alive – the Kinks
    Dr. Jimmy – the who

  4. Gin by Tiger Lilies should be #1. Video is amazing too. Good list though!

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