The Beyonce Lip sync Scandal

January 24, 2013 | Music

Beyonce anthem

Beyonce gets a message into her ear-piece: “this is probably a bad move, career-wise”.

You know you’re on precarious ethical ground when the only defense is “well, so and so also did it…”

This works both for barely contrite cyclists as well as Beyonce defending her musical tribute to John Cage’s 4’33,  gesticulating dramatically in front of the Leader of the Free World – “well, Pavarotti also did it!”

Pavarotti also sang a duet with Canuck croaker Bryan Adams on ‘O Solo Mio’, the worst thing to happen to Naples since the last time Vesuvius blew. When the King of the High C’s, as he was known (both for hitting the right notes and absorbing carbs like a ship takes on ballast) , was called out for miming/lip sync – he was forced to pay back his fee to the BBC. Whether a guy who both resembled a refrigerator as much as he could quickly empty all of its contents was embarrassed by the scandal, we’re not sure.

As we mentioned in an earlier post, “Big Lucy” didn’t do his reputation any favors by fathering a child at 67, a few years before he paid for the second homes of pall-bearers’ chiropractors when he died at 71. His performance with Lou Reed (the exceedingly awful rendition of Perfect Day) didn’t help his artistic one either.

We’ll see if the so-called Mime-gate scandal stench lingers and whether Beyonce is resoundingly booed during the Superbowl half-time show (the demographics for which favor aging rockers and dads looking for any excuse to let a pop star have it).

Beyonce might as well call in sick for the big game and have someone hologram her in when a tech presses “play”, but her audience is a forgiving sort – as one person recently commented, “I don’t care if she blows bubbles out of her arse…”

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