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March 13, 2013 | Lists

ferris-buellers-day-offPretending to be sick is a rite of passage. It has gotten exams deferred and given goldbrickers a chance to shirk office duties which would otherwise have them wearing protective sunglasses to lessen hangovers.

Many of us have done “the cough” – that well timed hack during a phone-in, meant to convey that your time in sick bay could be extended – perhaps until an asteroid of sufficient size strikes the earth. And frankly, there’s no other better form of subterfuge than the fake illness, especially if every possible aunt has dropped from the family tree.


Playing hooky (not to be confused with playing hockey – as we put it previously, a sport that indulges the desire to elbow a contemporary in the mouth at high speeds) is another term for truancy (in the UK, a record number of parents are apparently receiving criminal records for it).

The behavior carries on into adulthood and is arguably perfected in school and retained as one of the few things you might remember from class.

So, if you have managed to snag a day off, say by bringing back SARS, throwing your back out or citing some nebulous ‘personal problems’ that your boss is willing to concede to you for fear you might one day shoot up your place of work, it’s best to steer clear of “man on the street” interviews or high-profile sporting events.

Hollywood has explored the motif of people who aren’t nearly as sick as they look (or as sick as they might get while watching a Joel Schumacher career retrospective). So, grab some chicken soup and shot-gun ginseng with these playing hooky / pretend sick movies.

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