Top 10 Easiest College Majors

September 21, 2009 | Lists

A college arts degree means a competitive advantage over everyone at the temp agency, provided they didn’t sleep in. These days even the guys selling ice cream on bicycles have BAs — and we’re talking about the ones who actually need the job, not film students doing a documentary or anarchists staging a protest.

So, with employment prospects dimmer than the romantic eateries people with more practical  degrees can afford to further adulterous relationships in, it’s important to choose a college major carefully so you don’t end up like one of Dostoevsky’s grubbier characters, forced to parry drunken “What are you gonna do with that?” queries at family barbecues.

Still, there’s something to be said for four job-free years of testing the resilience of your liver and chasing coeds unperturbed by labs, deadlines, or STDs, while your parents rent out your room to parolees. What’s more, there’s something to be said for attending a morning class while robbed of the capacity for critical thought by recreational drug use and still being able to follow along. In that spirit, we offer here a guide to The 10 Easiest College Majors.

Since it’s already mid-September, the deadline application for almost all college programs worth enrolling in has long passed. Luckily, that is probably not true for many of these majors, where “Hello! Magazine” is likely to be course syllabus material. We’re guessing you could just call up, attend a couple of classes in November, deconstruct an illustrated version of Animal Farm over the Christmas break, and be shaking the chancellor’s scaly hand by springtime.

[Editor’s note: The two of us hold three of the degrees on this list, so we know whereof we speak].

10. English is the hardest of the easiest majors as it requires more reading than would be required in five years of heavy Twittering. Class sizes are usually small, making it doubly important that you come up with an impressive-sounding take on the text that the author never intended in 1,000 years, but that someone comely in a loose sweater appreciates. Fortunately, the rise of internet piracy and the increased availability of film versions of many classic books can save the wily English student hours that would be otherwise have been wasted reading.

9. Journalism. This was an attractive and practical option at one point for arts students who were resolutely bad at math, but that is no longer the case with the industry going through more belt-tightening than a patient post stomach-stapling. The utter dead zone that is the journalism job market means that getting into and graduating from journalism school is a cinch. Reality comes crashing in though when you find yourself as an intern filling a chair that had been occupied by a 25-year veteran prior to your product of cost-cutting backside occupying it.

8. Marketing is the major most likely to have a textbook with the phrase ‘for dummies’ following it. It’s unlike any other major offered in the business/management department in that:
A) It’s easier to get into than the city drunk tank and
B) There is less math than usually required to tabulate a tip at the hairdresser
C) It’s easier to get on the dean’s list than be registered as a sex offender (very easy apparently, especially if you ride Public Transit)

7. Economics might be the ‘dismal science’, but a future in Psychology is pretty damn grim. Psych might be useful for determining which of your coworkers is most likely to put an office stapler down his pants, but aside from that it offers little real-world application.  With neurobiology providing the only real advancements, there’s little left in the field other than devising questionnaires asking random people whether stressful situations give them gas  and nodding knowingly when the term ‘Pavlovian’ is used.

6. Communications: Most of us go our entire lives heckling athletes and giving other drivers the middle finger without realizing we’re doing field work in communication studies. Rather than teaching you practical communications-related skills, such as how to set up a pirate radio station or get hooked up to your neighbor’s satellite dish without having to climb up on his roof, communication studies looks at the works of major communications theorists, and the only one of those worth knowing is Marshall McLuhan, just so you can understand that scene from Annie Hall.

5. Women’s Studies. The best female to male ratio on a college campus, as to the best of our knowledge, no male has ever come away with a degree (well nobody’s copped to it yet, anyway). Blaming male power structure hegemony means a guaranteed ‘A’ and the grudging respect of Sapphic classmates.

4. Film. On a college campus, unless you’ve got electrodes attached to your temples in a lab, film is the most conducive for sleep and while you’re teaching English in Phnom Penh, you’ll be able to discuss Scorsese’s lapsed Catholicism and Kurosawa’s intertextual themes of human entrapment.

3. Acting. While the ‘Fine Arts’ encompass rigorous fields of study like industrial design, music and animation, there’s nothing that underutilizes 1300 grams of gray matter more than acting.  With course offerings in ‘auditions’, or how to respect yourself after you pick up your belongings off the casting couch, and ‘speech’, the quickest way to get beat up in a Cockney pub, this is the easiest way to get a degree that doesn’t involve opening a website and hitting print.

2. Sociology. Some believe there is a pecking order in science, with math at the top, physics second, as you can’t have physics without math, followed by chemistry, which you can’t study without physics, etc.

Further down this hierarchy — to picture how far down, imagine tossing a small stone off the edge of the Grand Canyon and take note of where gravity takes it — is sociology, from the Latin for, “the study of the obvious”. A sociology student symposium is one of the ways of gathering 300 people who think completely unjustifiably that what they’ve studied actually has merit other than holding a psychic expo.

1. Hospitality Management means all the excitement of an office security guard but with secretary skills while sitting at the concierge and learning how to stay calm while a service bell is rung. Also includes ridding bed & breakfasts of fleas brought in from a hygiene-deficient back-backers.


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  1. nicely compiled …..

  2. I have to disagree. Not everyone in the world can be chemistry majors, and those that are can get off their high horse.

    • As a chem major, I could do any of these as a double. So….

  3. I have to say, this is hilarious. I am a Psych major (who is also considering Sociology) and I was dying reading this. It couldn’t be more true!!

  4. Really depends on the school. Some of the “easiest” majors are challenging and valid at a good school and some of the most “important” ones are jokes at crappy schools.

    • Agreed, Mike. Not to prestige-monger, but regardless of major virtually anyone at a Vanderbilt-or-better-type university or a Kenyon-or-better-type liberal arts college is going to spend four years honing his or her ability to assimilate information and to think critically.

      A close friend was an English major and is absolutely whip-smart. Of course, he went to Yale rather than to Podunk State.

  5. what about philosophy?

  6. I’m a philosophy major. It’s pretty easy. Definitely easier than an English major (which I used to be for 3 semesters before switching).

  7. This is so true and I testify that it doesn’t depend on the school. My college is known for a good business school but the marketing majors i know are exactly as described above anyway

  8. This is so true especially because I was a communications major at a big ten school and I don’t feel like I graduated with any more knowledge for the “real world” then when I walked in!

  9. The sad thing is that college is genuinely unnecessary… There’s nothing at college you couldn’t learn from reading 20 good books.

  10. I beg to differ, unless you all are going to some podunk schools. I am working on my MA in English and it is NOT easy. New directions in the English profession have placed new components on the English degree, from the BA up, which mean it’s not just a skate major any longer.

  11. wrong on all counts. fail.

  12. I’m pretty sure modern universities were intended to properly train the major degrees and little else anyways-so is it any surprise that any 4 year degree that isn’t Math, Science, Medicine, Law or History related a complete waste of time? Furthermore, you usually need at least a Masters in most of those fields to even begin thinking about getting a semi-decent career, and many require doctorates to even be considered a success.
    You probably know everything you need to know to “fake” a college degree by your sophomore year in high school anyways.

  13. I have four degrees and they’re all on the list – AA Journalism, MA Communications, BA Sociology and BA Psychology.

  14. Maybe all the people spouting off in the comments about how the article is wrong just found the majors mentioned difficult because they’re…stupid? Just tossing that one out as a possibility. (See “Illusory superiority” aka “The Lake Wobegon Effect”.)

  15. Oh Belle,
    The Belle,
    It rings hollow
    Not to swallow

  16. What about Medieval and Renaissance studies

  17. I agree and disagree. I am a psych major however I am in the neuroscience option. I had to take 4 semesters of chem including ochem, as well as a ton of bio or bio based psych classes. Im actually in a lot of the same classes as pre med students. I agree with the top 6 though. I feel like english majors are not easy because they require so much writing and creativity. And I know marketing at my school (a big 10 university) is no joke either. I would add foreign languages onto the list like spanish, french, german, and italian. Everyone I know who majors in language never has cumulative finals or finals at all for that matter.

  18. You’re forgetting pre-elementary edu. They use colored markers for projects and only have to read children books for information.

    • Exactly! They make fun ‘lesson plans’ for homework.

  19. this is radicccc. it depends on the person and how good they are in school and where there passion is. this website is compleatly false! the person who wrote this probably flunked college andddd had nothing else better to do with there life, soooo they decided to make this stupid website. sooooo, ive said my peace.

  20. Iʻd say socioloy is the easiest well known major, even the upper level courses can prove to be a joke. It makes you question of why your in college…lol

    Undergraduate degrees mean nothing now days its all about the Graduates degrees… and majoring in something really easy can give you the easier way out to get into grad school.

  21. Interesting list! I’d say it does, of course, depend on specific student abilities, the college, the instructors, etc., but there are some trends one can’t ignore. The sad thing is that college has turned into job training.. I can’t blame anyone for this as it can cost quite a bit of money to attend and purchase supplies, not to mention time commitment.
    I’m doing a double major in history and biology. About half of the history majors want to go into law, and nearly all of the bio majors are looking at a health science of some sort. In the end, you need to study what you like as an undergrad and see where it leads you in graduate or professional school

  22. Funny! This is basically the same list I heard while in college. Unfortunately, many schools have been modified to allow more marginal students to achieve an easy degree.
    As one writer stated here, college has become a job training program. Knowledge is increasing so quickly now, some are saying that your degree is worthless by the time you achieve it. Some say that college is far too expensive, and no longer as important as it once was. On site job training to match the exact requirements of employers, and the changing nature of business is better for many, they say.
    Many students end up with a BS or BA, and loans that must be repaid that are so huge, their real income is significantly reduced until their mid to late 30s, or even longer.
    Unless you attend an Ivy League school, most employers don’t care where you got your degree from. In my humble opinion, a degree in a field you’re interested in is important just for the general knowledge factor even if you end up working in a different field. However, we place too much emphasis on the value of a degree. Look at Dell, Gates, Zuckerberg, etc. all who are Billionaires without a degree. And remember, in five years, you will forget at least 50 percent of what you learned in college.

  23. I agree with this list i majored in hospitality for a semester and found it a complete joke of classes on things i allready new becasue u dont need a degree to manage a restaurant in some cases it better not to because u will be over quilified. but all these degreess are
    easy and people should give far more credit to math and science majors. I am working on a ms in computer science and i hate taking to people who make a big deal of there dance, or sociaology degree where the classes are easier then what i took in highscholl

    • your response is full of spelling errors…

  24. What do you do when you earn A’s in all classes other than math, where, despite working yourself into the dirt, you FAIL? Truly.

  25. Really? Hospitality management? Interesting, I have a few friends who majored in that, I guess I don’t remember them needing to study much though. Why isn’t underwater basket weaving on here?

  26. the easiest major is what you are most interested in. i would be annoyed doing a simple major that doesn’t require any useful knowledge, and i would feel like i’m not learning anything for the real world. which would be bad.

  27. What about Art?

  28. :-) Yeah, I agree. What about philosophy

  29. Hello. I am an English major working as a journalist. I don’t know if engineering is harder or not.. What I can say that English is not easy… Everyone is not a gifted writer. Sure, u can write 250 words essay but will it be good? By your logic, people should only become engineers or math majors. I agree that they r paid better but so are economics majors. Why would u discredit economics? And English and communication majors are hired all over the world. Do u mean to say that the society doesn’t require teachers, journalists, economists, archaeologists, etc? Everyone should study engineering or math. No need to watch TV, then. It’s full of dumb actors, right. Why do u think musicians, directors and artists earn so much? If they had listened to u, we would have had no Spielberg, no tom cruise, no shakira! Every art student doesn’t become picasso but they can’t take up teaching or retailingif that doesn’t work out. This attend of urs simply calls for a ban on liberal arts. Go ahead- stop these majors. But don’t listen to music ever! Don’t watch news! Don’t watch movies or sitcoms! And never send your child to school! Amen.

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