Holy Christ in the Cornflakes! The Top 10 Oddball Jesus Sightings

May 5, 2008 | Lists

Unless you’re mixing your booze with a cupful of the communal Kool-Aid at a Ken Kesey-themed 60s night, it’s unlikely that getting drunk – even on absinthe as a recent study revealed – will lead to hallucinations. (Editor’s note: Spinning rooms don’t count in this regard, and neither does vision compromised because you just broke your glasses head-butting a vending machine). Only a drinker approaching last call (and not the one they ring the bell at the bar for) is likely to experience hallucinations, and thus most drinkers are denied the more mystical side of chemical enhancement that their hallucinogenic-eating peers enjoy.

We came across a story of one pub drinker who had a religious experience of sorts while out on the piss. The Daily Mail reported on how a taxi driver from Darlington ordered a bottle of cider and “got goose pimples” when the waitress opened it and staring back at him from the foil on the neck was the face of Jesus Christ himself. “I have no doubt it is the face of Jesus. You can even see his beard and hair,” said the man of what is a decidedly more bug-eyed image of JC than the usual one.

The man gathered around his drinking companions to share in this miracle and snapped a photo of the bottle before it was taken away. (None of the other bottles that night bore the face of Jesus, though unconfirmed rumors have it that a glaring John The Baptist was seen in the settling foam of a pint of Old Speckled Hen)

The drinker didn’t realize how crisp the likeness was until he checked the photos the next day and it was too late to retrieve it. “I’m not sure what message Jesus was sending and maybe now we’ll never know,” the man said. The message may have been “Put me up on EBay and we’ll have many good nights on the cider together son,”; as the Mail mentions, a similar find, the face of the Virgin Mary on a grilled cheese sandwich, sold for $28,000 just four years ago (The Virgin Mary (again), has an up-to-date chronicle of sightings).

His appearance at the British pub was only the latest stop on an unorthodox tour; the Nazarene has popped in for a visit via some unlikely, and occasionally delicious, places over the past few decades. Here then is The Shark Guys’ rundown of the Top 10 Oddball Jesus Sightings of All Time!

10) Fish-stick Jesus:

This is the sole Canadian find on the list and appropriately enough was made when a guy was cooking up that quintessential Canadian repast: fish-sticks. Kingston’s Fred Wan had left the fish-sticks cooking for too long, a common mistake among fish-stick eaters who are not exactly your gourmet-at-home types when it comes to paying careful attention to following food preparation instructions. The fish-sticks were burnt, but while Fred examined his dinner, he noticed something that he thought could fund many more boxes of ole’ Captain Highliner’s best: the image of Christ was to be found on the burnt fish-stick. Gordon kept the holy fish-stick in his freezer for some three years (that’s usually about mid-shelf life for your average box of fish-sticks) before putting it up on EBay. Alas, the website denied his posting.

9) The Messiah of the Molars:

When Jesus is not making appearances in people’s food, he can often be found showing up in their X-rays MRIs, ultrasounds, etc. These visions are usually seen after exams related to something important, like the birth of a child (ecclesiastical sources are split on whether having Jesus’s face in the ultrasound means that you are about to give birth to a new prophet or the Antichrist. “50/50″, they say). Jesus does not usually meddle in matters of good oral hygiene, but this one was an exception. A Phoenix, Arizona dentist was stunned when he developed his patient’s X-ray and found Christ up there above the pearly whites. The man said he was a devout Christian, but that this was the first time his redeemer showed up on his dental x-rays. The reason for the visitation will remain a mystery for the ages as the man’s dental checkup revealed no problems.

8) The Pancake Prophet:

Not to be outdone by the Virgin Mary grilled-cheese sandwich when it comes to appearances in artery-clogging breakfast food, the face of Jesus was said to have appeared to an Ohio man on his morning pancakes. Ohioan Mike Thompson and his wife were sitting down to breakfast when, he said, he spotted the holy visage and took it to be a “message from above”. That message was not surprisingly to take care when setting the minimum bid on E-bay — start too high and they’ll think you a fraud, too low and they’ll doubt the veracity of the miracle. Bidding started at $500 and went up to an incredible $15,000 before the listing was pulled due to a “listing infraction.”

A report by the website MrBreakfast.Com, entitled “Breakfast with Jesus” (not to be confused with the Andy Kaufman cult film “My Breakfast With Blassie”) later determined that the pancake was, horror of all horrors, not the genuine article. An E-Bay commenter had jokingly wondered, “Maybe he has a Jesus fry pan that has an image embedded in the metal so everything cooked will have Jesus on it.” The commenter was probably joking, but the pancake guy actually did have a pan that did just that. Jesus Pan.Com, maker of the pan used to create the holy pancakes, offers, for the low low price of two for $29.95 the opportunity to boost your bank account by selling your breakfast on E-bay. Their slogan: “Worship at every meal with Jesus Pan.”

7) Pizza Hut Pasta Jesus:

In 1991, Stone Mountain, Georgia resident Joyce Simpson had a dilemma; she was, apparently, a good singer, and had to decide if she still wanted to keep on belting it out in the choir for free, or if it was time to move on to more lucrative paid professional work. Driving along she gazed upon a Pizza Hut advertisement for the chain’s new spaghetti lunch that it was promoting at the time and in it she found her answer: the face of Jesus was clearly visible to her in the pasta.

Skepdic defines Pareidolia as “a type of illusion or misperception involving a vague or obscure stimulus being perceived as something clear and distinct. For example, in the discolorations of a burnt tortilla one sees the face of Jesus Christ. Or one sees the image of Mother Teresa or Ronald Reagan in a cinnamon bun or a man in the moon.).” It might also explain why Joyce saw Jesus, while other passersby saw different holy men, like Willie Nelson and John Lennon.

6) Shower Jesus:

This one, which could also be dubbed the “Calling Bob Vila Jesus”, was spotted by Pittsburgh resident Jeffrey Rigo on June 11, 2005. Stepping out of the shower that day Rigo saw both the need for costly home repairs and the means to pay for them in one water-stained piece of plaster. Rigo was quoted in the reporting newspaper as saying “I got out of the shower and yelled, ‘Jesus Christ!’ My girlfriend asked me, ‘Oh, my God, what is it?’ I pointed and responded, ‘No, Jesus Christ!’” Rigo cut out the piece of plaster with the image on it and put it up on E-bay with the description “a section of plaster wall bearing the apparent face of the Son of God.” It sold for $1,999.99.

5) The Jesus Pierogi:

Miracles, it seems, adjust with the times. Gone are the days of the fish and loaves; it seems that now Jesus is focused on the kind of foods that will cause your insurance premiums to go up if you circle them under the heading “Do you eat any of the following on a regular basis?”. In November 2005, he made an unexpected Easter appearance on a pierogi, the tasty Polish dumpling typically boiled and then thrown into a pan with some butter to ensure that your heart is given a proper run for its money. The woman doing the cooking was sure that she saw her saviour seared into the side of the pierogi and presumably wanted to share the revelation with others: the family put it up on EBay and netted $1,775.

4) Tailgate Jesus:

In November, 2005 a Laredo Texas man’s pickup truck became a site of holy pilgrimage where the faithful would go to light candles, take pictures and pray. Julio Radillo found the image of Christ (or Kurt Cobain depending on how your synapses are firing when you look at it) in the dirt on the truck’s tailgate. The man was a believer and said that the appearance of the deity on his truck was a reminder for people to strengthen their faith. It may also been a reminder to Radillo that a run through the car wash every few months or so wouldn’t be the end of the world..

3) The Jesus Couch:

(links to MySpace page of man claiming to be co-discoverer): Sometimes Jesus just needs to kick back and relax and what better time to do so than on his own birthday. On Christmas Day, Jesus appeared in a city where his name is most commonly invoked over a pair of just-kissed dice, Las Vegas. The holy visage turned up this time on a red-suede couch. The MySpace blog of one of the man who claims to have discovered the oversized relic reads:

“I am in no way religious or even moral nor do I pretend to be, yet I am telling you it was there on his couch and everyone who sees it in person can see it. I’m not saying it is some kind of miracle, or sign, or that my ass is shaped like Jesus… Sure it’s no doubt pattern recognition and the power of suggestion and a whole slew of other psychological nonsense but one thing remains- the power of the jesus couch cannot be denied.”

The website that the MySpace poster set up for the faithful, JesusCouch.com, sadly is no longer online and, although we’re not positive, it seems unlikely that the Jesus Couch ever sold on EBay given the high asking price of the co-owner, who wrote on his blog “Hell if a grilled cheese sandwich can sell for 25 grand and potato chips with the face of Abraham Lincoln get thousands than we should be able to sell this couch for trillions of dollars.”

2) The Nazarene Gets His Own Nebula:

In April 2004, the Hubble Science Institute released some dazzling snaps taken from its extremely high-resolution camera. The photos were of the Cone Nebula and when some believers saw the photos a nationwide call of “Oh my God, it’s full of stars! And Jesus!” was sounded. The Cone Nebula, according to Wikipedia is located in Monoceros, “a region that contains cones, pillars, and majestic flowing shapes that abound in stellar nurseries where natal clouds of gas and dust are buffeted by energetic winds from nurseries of newborn stars.” But, as the folks over at Skyimagelab.com put it, while NASA scientists may see stellar nurseries etc, “others are inspired by the wonders of the God’s creations and see something different. Look at this image from a distance, can you see the image of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, crowned by a sparkling ring of thorns as stars? Thus it was said…” and then it gets into some bible verse before getting to the purpose of the website, which is to sell prints, framed and otherwise, of the “Jesus Nebula”.

1) The Shrine of the Holy Tortilla:

The arrival of the holy tortilla was a watershed moment for holy found faces in food. Prior to the discovery of this relic, much food had been fried up and scarfed down and people thought things like “Hey, that was a delicious burger,” and not “Why didn’t I check that patty for the likeness of the blessed savior?!” People started looking a little harder at dinner following the arrival of the Holy Tortilla.

In 1977, Maria Rubio, a housewife in Lake Arthur, New Mexico, was rolling up a burrito when she saw that the face of Jesus in the skillet burns on the tortilla. Rubio rushed out, told her friends and neighbors (Way to look like a crackpot neighbor: Run over next door and tell them to check out the face of a deity in a dish of Tex Mex) and soon formed a shrine for the tortilla, which a priest blessed.

Over 35,000 people had visited the Shrine of The Holy Tortilla by 1979, and the Rubio house remained a tourist destination for years. The Holy Tortilla survived many attempts to usurp its place as the true miracle burrito (including this one), but its reign came to an end when one of the Rubio grandchildren took it to show and tell and broke it. Admittedly, there was not much to “show” at that point anyway since the face was no longer visible, and a burrito, not the most attractive-looking food item when it’s just been prepared, would probably not have looked too good at 30.

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  1. If you go to my website I have a Easter egg I painted and was amazed to find Jesus face in the painted egg you may add it to this website if you like it touched me and my family its

  2. you know why this is bullshit?
    because no one knows what jesus looks like
    people can just guess

    • We can imagine can’t we? Well, we know He’s brown not black or white or red or yellow, but He does represent all of the colors :)

    • Ollie, have you ever heard of the Shroud of Turin?

  3. Jesus is revealed in the Gospels as in New Testament.

    If you dont believe fine.

    Curious? Try reading in Mark.

  4. That’s pretty kewl. RILLY LOL TOO!!!
    That reminds me… I was in my friend’s back yard and I found dog crap in the shape of a cross. HOLY CRAP!! :D

  5. i think that jesus is god and god is beautiful

  6. God you people are simple. No wonder the world is the way it is.

  7. I’m going to Heavan because of Jesus!

    • AMEN! 

  8. Well, i dont know about all these images, however, i am a believer, and i seriously hope that these things arnt ways of mocking the Lord, because that is definitely NOT funny at all.

  9. Really? Does Jesus have nothing better to do than appear on my morning bagel? Shouldn’t he be out, you know, Jesusing it up in Heaven or something?

    • … What would he have to do in heaven … ? He die for the people down here on earth! If He wants to get in the bagel, or even a pancake He can do it!  

  10. how do we know what jesus looks lyk?

  11. I often look for Jesus in pictures on NewbieNudes .COM

  12. okay, whether you people believe in Jesus or not. Making fun of those images aint going to do you guys any good. Of course nobody knows what Jesus looks like…..NOBODY KNOWS! but when the world ends and Judgement Day comes and your facing him face to face will see who has the last laugh.

    his name is JESUS, KING OF NAZARETH!

    • AMEN! :) 

  13. i beleive the lord appears to people in watever shape or form
    that relates to their struggle during thier life and who cares if he wants to show up on a pancake hes gor he can do watever he wants so suck on that!

    • like the first part but maybe the last isn’t really what we should be saying to people, Amen ? :/ 

  14. …bahahahaha. I like all the religious zealots leaving comments. I, for one, find this hilarious. And wonderful. Why is Jesus always so white when he shows up in people’s food? We all know he was a lot darker than that. Merry Christmas! XD

  15. I recently had a RFID micro chip placed in my hand..it hurt a little…but it healed and the scar left behind looks like jesus’s bladder…interesting!

  16. I am a true believer but even I admit anyone’s face can be overlay in a silhouette. There is no image of anyone showing here but a big silhouette only. It would be awesome to see some features of Jesus here but all I see is a greedy bastard trying to cash in poor Christian folk.

    • Hmmmm :/, well I think there really are true believers that are VERY genuine in finding/looking for things like this (I mean I had His Blood coming out of my wall! Amen :) ) but there are people who unfortunately will take advantage of these things , but I wouldn’t say ‘poor Christian folk’, if you are in a good relationship with God and the Holy Spirit inside of you, you’ll know which ones are from our Lord, :) Amen.

  17. oh, god, then i think i’ll go laughing all the way to the armageddom

  18. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!yet not surprising to me because Jesus has revealed himself to be very real and a BIG BIG HELP to me all along. To all those lovely people who’re still trying to find him, trust in Jesus with all your heart and he will be your help and refuge forever. He only loves us and wants us and wants to help us win our struggle in life! JESUS will never turn you down or make you dissappointed if you only TRUST IN HIM!

  19. Actually, for all you factually obsessesed viewers, they did a scan of the imprints left on cloth that was wrapped tightly around Jesus’ face in the tomb, and the image that showed up looked surprisingly like the ones on the objects shown. And to “bahaha” and “satan” if you dont like our saviour so much why you lookin him up? Haha, i scoff at your ignorance, now please do us all a favor and get a life, how can you mock what you dont understand?

  20. Why does it all appears on food that human made? Why can’t it appear on a fish scale or in an uncut fruit which human doesn’t have the power to create it when its still sealed or made by the bees to their combs? As for the car, looks more like a stencil or a sticker which has been so long not peeled off from the car & when it’s done, the outcome has it.. You need more than this to really have your faith strengthen. Just my thoughts.. =)

  21. u people could f*ck off cuz jesus is real and stop making fun of him i strongly agree with ‘Adonai’ !douses! :)

    • Man we gotta show them the right langage! thats not gonna help! It never helped my father when I used to and it won’t anyone on here, yeah u didn’t say it, but still ur intentions wre there … If you really are a believer which I actually believe u are, We gotta show by EXAMPLE! Amen :/ 

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